Tuesday, 1 September 2015


1 . I am certain in the future we will have many schools and teachers , as the trend to gain knowledge is growing . Everyone wants to learn , to be clever , to know everything and they enter to higher educational institutions. In life there are a few unforgettable experiences that allow us to acquire new skills . One of those experiences is studying at school . Those years are one of the best periods of our lives . Everyone must learn . 2 . I am writing for the office Manager position . I believe that I am excellent fit for this position , given my extensive background in office management and administration . I ьelieve that the office Manager is the driving force of a businesses support team , and I know that my skills and qualifications prove my ability to fill that role. I have always had a natural ability to work well with people , help customers , and mesh with office staff  3 . The only way to have a friend is to be one .People think that friends should be alike . I don`t think so . In my opinion in a friend we see qualities that we lack ourselves . For instance , some young people get on well with older componions as they love to learn from them . Friends are the most important people in our lives . They share with us  count on us and comfort us . They know us very well . When we make mistakes they forgive us and always help to solve our problems .

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